Why We Preserve

PropOwnersHistoric Preservation is the collective effort to preserve the historic buildings, structures, landscapes, and features of our communities and places. Of the tens of thousands of historic resources countywide, many are at risk. Risks, of course, vary from the potential loss of the historic context of a resource, to the loss of a resource’s integrity, and to the loss of the resource itself—demolition being an irrevocable proposition.

Historic preservation in Chester County is especially important because we have so much to lose! It is difficult to drive any mile in Chester County without seeing a historic house, springhouse, fencerow, or field. We have so much, but we have lost a lot, and more is lost every year. When we lose our historic resources, we lose a primary connection to our past, to who we are as a community and a people.

The CCHPN works to bring people together and give them the information they need to preserve their neighborhoods and communities throughout Chester County. Please consider joining the effort.


2011 Chester County Preservation Fair Preservation Services Directory

Looking for a contractor, trades-person, or professional who specializes in historic buildings? Then take a look in the 2011 Chester County Preservation Fair Directory.

On April 9, 2011, Historic Yellow Springs, Inc. and CCHPN presented the first annual Chester County Preservation Fair, a show featuring local trades and services that owners and managers of historic resources in Chester County might need. This Directory is a listing of companies and organizations who paid to attend the 2011 Chester County Preservation Fair as a Vendor or who purchased a listing in the Directory as a Sponsor. Neither Historic Yellow Springs, Inc. nor the Chester County Historic Preservation Network make or imply any claims or promotions regarding the qualifications and/or credentials for any of those companies or organizations listed in the Directory, nor are any warranties provided in regards thereof. This Directory is provided for informational purposes only. Anyone wishing to retain the services of and/or purchase products from any of the companies or organizations in this Directory are strongly encouraged to obtain more than one bid or proposal for the services or products desired, and to request and confirm credentials and references before hiring any entity included in this Directory.

Your use of this Directory indicates your acceptance of the terms of this Disclaimer.

2013 Directory of Trades and Services (PDF - 4.3mb)


Chester County Livable Landscapes Plan

The centerpiece of Chester County's policy plan, Landscapes, is a map entitled "Livable Landscapes for Chester County". This map depicts the location of designated growth and preservation areas within Chester County.

In recognition of the diversity of our county, the map is divided into a series of landscape types which depict areas of the county based on their distinguishing characteristics. Landscape types include the four original Rural, Suburban, Urban, and Natural landscapes and the introduction of the Agrarian landscape in western Chester County. The map also recognizes areas of the county that include resources of national significance, including Valley Forge National Historic Park, Brandywine Battlefield Landmark, and the Hopewell Big Woods.

The Chester County Planning Commission invites you to review the draft map, land use policies, and landscape descriptions on-line and offer your comments at www.landscapes2.org.